FL-CAN (Florida Climate Action Network)

Share and collaborate on issues of climate change affecting the entire State of Florida so that the entire state may flourish

Welcome to FL-CAN.

The vision of The Florida Climate Action Network (FL-CAN) is to leverage off the work of others including government, grassroots, business, education and faith communities to collaborate on climate change issues. Our purpose is to share news and other resources, to schedule and to invite others to attend events, to deepen our collective learning and to coordinate actions where appropriate. It is our belief that many of the problems we face can best be solved through collaborative efforts using the best thinking that comes about through the strength of group thinking and actions.

FL CAN (Climate Action Network) has been established to encompass the entire state of Florida and has also been sectioned geographically into sub-networks (e.g. sub-circles) aligned with the 10 Florida Regional Planning Councils geographic boundaries plus other organizations that are all focused on addressing climate change issues.

For more details on the organization of FL-CAN circles click here

We hope that you will find this Network (circle) useful and informative. We welcome your participation.

The Climate is about us:

Food, water, energy in dynamic relationship, either enriching or encumbering our well-being and all biodiversity on Earth

Changes are rapidly underway:

Sea-level rise brings standing water and flooding in more areas and threatens coastal property
Disease and infestations eat way at crops, uninhibited by previous winter cold snaps
Erratic weather patterns and loss of habitat destroy agriculture and green spaces by excessive heat, droughts and/or flooding
Fossil fuel pollutants deteriorate life-spans, increase breathing disorders, and contribute to a warming planet
Sink holes occur near the coast and salt water intrudes into artesian water supplies

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Intensive Hands-On Permaculture Design Course
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